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Add drone footage for $250. Please note: this option is dependent upon airspace of the venue/FAA approval.
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Some additional notes from us:

In our experience with weddings, most couples have family or friends that bring cameras along to capture their own images of the day. We have experienced flashes from other cameras damaging our footage, bodies or cameras peeking into our footage, and extended time frames to accommodate all photographers taking their shot. We understand the importance of these moments and images to you and your close ones, so we believe it is up to you what you would like for your wedding day. If you would like to accommodate your friends and family with their cameras, please expect the above circumstances (unusable/missing footage and longer time in front of the camera). If you would like to eliminate these circumstances, please make sure your family is aware of your wishes.

It is imperative that your expectations not be based on someone else’s wedding video in content or execution. The final product will be very subjective! Many factors come into play, such as contracted time, weather, guests, flow of events, angles, light, and many other unforeseen circumstances. We take pride in our style and commitment to giving you a film that is personal and appropriately captures your day. We will truly do our best to capture your day, and to present that to you in the greatest possible final product!