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Whilst We've Been Away...


Whilst We've Been Away...

While this blog has not seen much love in recent months, the Dust Studios team has been quite busy!

Prior to the summer's tsunami of grand weddings, we were able to launch this new website and dive deeper into our branding and client relations. Needless to say, we love the opportunity to be creative with every aspect of our business, and yet - there is so much more we can do!

First up, communicating more with our clients/friends in an effort to build and strengthen relationships!

A big part of communication and relationship is transparency. We want to be honest about our lives in hopes that you will do the same. And while we love what we do and the people we get the pleasure of working with, it really is a smaller portion of our time than it may seem. We keep pretty active on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, but still have a desire to share more in-depth about our work and our lives. Hence, the blog!

1. Most of you who know our GENIUS PHOTOgrapher(s), Elena and Nathan, will know that they are on an adventure in Albania, supporting the church there in many ways.

They have an awesome blog together that you should definitely check that out to hear about their goings-on and see some killer photos (frequently featuring their new puppy!). 

Some teasers to pique your interest:

2. The video team (gabe & Martha) has been carrying on, shooting a great deal of weddings as well as some special projects here and there. 

We will be updating the blog with our recent work and general good times. But for all things Dust prior to 2016, check out our videos page! We shot a lot of super-fun and exciting weddings over the course of 2015, and don't want you to miss those.

The most recent update( addition) would be that of our newest family member, Felicity Joy! She was born back on March 25th and we could not be more thankful!

We will discuss that adventure soon, but for now, here is a teaser:

That's all for now, folks. More to come!