Who would've thought a wedding and reception in an old barn would be so majestic!

We met Laura & Nate a few years back working with the Salt Company in Ames, and it was splendid to meet up with them again for such a grand occasion! For a cloudy October day, this was one beautiful afternoon to remember.

This was our first visit to Backcountry Winery in Stretford, Iowa and honestly can't believe we haven't heard of this place before. If you are looking for a small, rustic, and quality venue for your whole day - look no further (no, not an ad)!

It was a shorter day for us, but as you can see, what a beautiful day it was!

What a joy to see Laura & Nate's love for each other and their savior on full display. Throughout the ceremony, you could feel the anticipation and excitement building and  building, finally culminating in the couple's first kiss. What a cheer there was! And from that moment on, the even t was sheer elation of friends and family reunited  under the banner of marriage.It was truly a pleasure to be a part!

Plus, cream soda and Dunkin Donut holes for dessert? Count us in every time!

Congratulations, Carrs! And God bless.