Our first-ever Memorial Day wedding could not have been better!

May 30, 2016 marked the wedding day of Amanda and Andrew Rohlf. We loved getting to spend the holiday celebrating alongside such a joyful couple! 

I met Andrew back in Salt Company, and then we had a blast as teammates on a summer soccer team last year. And then all came full circle when they asked us to create the film for their wedding! We were pretty jazzed. 

In case you missed the teaser trailer, check it out here.

As you will very quickly realize, when watching the video, the wedding day was a blast. Every soul in attendance was having a great time, and it all started with these two who radiate joy as their love for each other, and their Savior, overflows constantly. Couple that with an awesome venue, and gorgeous weather, and it makes a pretty killer wedding day.

We look forward to seeing where God leads Amanda and Andrew in the future, and given the vast amount of love and support displayed by family and friends on their wedding day, they have all the right stuff in place to do so!

Without further ado, here is the wedding film for Amanda & Andrew Rohlf!

Congratulations, Amandrew!