Here it is - the full-length wedding film for Emily & Matthew Heimann!

I met Matt in 2008. I had likely met him in group settings or in passing before, but when I really MET Matt, was at a little men's retreat before our Freshman year at ISU came to an end. Throughout the festivities of the weekend, I found it prudent to get to know Matt after witnessing his (literal) feats of strength. Please ask me about these.

In case you missed the teaser trailer, give it a quick viewing.

Fast forward a few years, and Matt and I find ourselves nearing the end of our leases and looking for more sensible housing, and - there you have it! We became roommates. While our time as roommates was brief, due to my dating and marrying Martha that next summer, Matt and I became good friends through our time sharing an apartment, and I was blessed to have him as an usher at our wedding.

Even though Emily came to ISU as well, and participated in many of the same activities as Matt, it took both of them moving to Minneapolis to meet and fall in love! And in love they truly are. Matt has garnered quite the reputation for being a dumpster-diver extraordinaire, and he has found his perfect match in Emily to both encourage and curtail that passion when necessary. Truly a God-given chemistry.

Spend any amount of time with these two, and you can't help but be filled with joy and laughter! 

The Heimann wedding was just that - a joy-filled event that clearly displayed their love for each other (it was hard to get them to stop kissing for even a moment) as well as their passion for the Lord which has been characteristic of their lives for many years. The decor was beautifully simple and reflected both the couple's quality taste, as well as a fervent DIY/re-purposing ethic. This was most evident in the hand-made coaster favors (re-purposed pallet wood) and the ceremony whereing the couple completed and hand-made, wooden "H" (also using re-purposed wood). While the weather that day was uncharacteristically cool for mid-May, the beauty of the wedding won out, and it was a non-stop celebration!

Not often do you have a limbo competition followed closely by a glow-stick dance party...

We were blessed to be a part of the day (notice Martha and her sister playing the stringed instruments as well), and even more blessed to call the Heimanns friends!

Congratulations, Emily & Matt! May God bless you and lead you (to whichever dumpster He wills).