We had the great pleasure of working with a good friend of ours, "Mississippi Jake" Turner on his latest endeavor: the music video for his latest single "DFS (Wards of the State)". 

We love the opportunities provided by this line of work to meet new people and build new friendships. The people part of the job is incredibly rewarding and has led to some fantastic work experiences and genuine relationships. But we also greatly appreciate the opportunity to partner with our (existing) good friends on their projects and collaborate to spur the creative genius onward.

Getting to know Jake and his family over the last couple of years has been a blast, and we look forward to much more.

Mississippi Jake has a unique musical talent in tandem with the ability to tell his very own stories in a beautiful way, which culminates into a very enjoyable and authentic listening experience. Jake is one of the most laid-back and genuinely kind people you'll ever meet. I think it might be impossible to truly offend him. But it doesn't take long to see that there is a lot of depth to his character, and a lot of wisdom ground out of the toil of experience. That is certainly evident with this single.

That authenticity (and simplicity)was our focus when approaching this music video. To present something visually dynamic, yet simple. To entertain, and REMAIN authentic. 

Mississippi Jake - "DFS (Wards of the State)"

if you noticed the cello backing on the track, that was dust Studios' own martha!

Another layer to the fun was getting in the studio (at The Ark) with Jake and getting to observe his work, as well as actually recording with him (Martha). We always love the opportunity to loop in as many people in these things, and it is so rewarding to do it alongside friends and see it all come together! 

Mississippi Jake (and his Bootlegger's Orchestra) will be hitting the studio very soon to record a full length album. Be on the lookout for that to drop, as well as some more collaborations with Dust Studios!