Our first wedding of 2016 could hardly have been better!

Being involved in weddings year in and year out means perpetually living in a "small world". It seems as though (nearly) every single wedding we get to be a part of, we see old friends, or meet friends of friends, or someone's parents know our parents, or our high school friends went to college with our recent friends. You name it, the scenario has likely crossed our path!

With Luke and Mia, it was much more direct. Mia was Martha's college roommate for a year whom I (Gabe) became acquainted with by proximity; Martha and I were still dating at the time. Fast-forward a couple of crazy years and I sign up to play soccer with a couple friends and a handful of "randos" (random people - to me at least). Lo and behold, our team captain is none other than Luke Pierson! It wasn't until Mia started coming to the occasional soccer game that I started to put the (obvious) pieces together.

Fast forward another 6 months, and these guys are married.

There are pros and cons to having a wedding in any season and any setting. For instance, a winter wedding tends to add some challenges to shooting out of doors. But we got our 3 minutes in, and it was worth it!

As you can see, Mia and Luke toughed it out like champs, and that says more about their character than anything! It was such a blast to shoot with these guys, and get to see just how much fun and excitement they have in their relationship. It is obvious God is taking them places, and it will be a joy to behold!

Congratulations, Mia & Luke!