To say we were excited to get the call to shoot Paige & Nick's wedding is quite an understatement.

Paige and Nick had been friends of friends for years, with our paths rarely crossing. Nevertheless, we had seen and heard great things about them, notable their passion for Christ, love for each other, and impeccable style. Also, something about the cubs...So for us, this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate at a beautiful wedding with friends old and new! 

Words are unnecessary and insufficient, but suffice it to say, this was one beautiful wedding.

Paige & Nick went on their first date to a Shakespeare on the Lawn event at Salisbury House & Gardens. It must have gone pretty well. Just a short bit later, we found ourselves celebrating their wedding at the very same place. The couple's penchant for style and design was evident in every single detail (see: flowers by Shelley Sarver Desgins), and the guests were transported upon arrival to a place reminiscent of early-century glam and rife with modern style. Couple that with an illustrious venue, amazing fall weather, incredible people (see: photography by our old pal Logan Clement), and you have the formula for a grand event. 

However, the true highlight of the day was the wedding ceremony, and Paige and Nick's expression of faith, worship, and covenant with Christ and each other. 

The guests love and care for Nick and Paige is probably best evidenced by the wedding officiant, Rusty who traveled back from the east coast in order to be a part of their day. We couldn't say enough about this wonderful celebration, but we will let the video do the talking from here.

Congratulations, Paige & Nick! May God bless your marriage.